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information technology

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Work in "1C" via the Internet.
Without the purchase of programs, subscriptions, and other worries!

The 1C: Enterprise 8 via the Internet service of 1C allows you to work with the 1C: Accounting 8, 1C: Salary and Human Resources programs, 1C: Small Firm Management programs and other popular 1C solutions from anywhere in the world. Information databases of users are placed in a reliable and well-protected 1C storage.

Get a number of advantages of using the service:

  • Everything is ready for work

Enough internet connection and browser. Nothing needs to be installed on the computer.
Sign up and start working right away.

Or, if you already keep records in 1C programs, upload data from your local 1C program to the service application automatically and continue to keep records via the Internet.

  • Saving money

You do not need to buy "1C" and pay a subscription to its. You pay only regular payments for using the service.

No need to spend money on creating your own IT-infrastructure.

  • Work from anywhere in the world

Work in "1C" from the office, home or vacation at any time 24 * 7.

Your employees may be far away from each other and work simultaneously with the same data.

  • Free updates

You do not need to hire a specialist to update the programs - in the service you always have the latest version.

  • Modify the program to your needs.

We, as partners of 1C, will help to supplement the typical application functionality for the needs of your business.

The service can implement up to 90% of those improvements that are possible for local versions.

For example:

- Automate frequently performed operations;

- Add new print forms (for example, invoices for payment) or print forms with an individual design;

- Develop your reports;

- Develop automatic filling out of documents and much more.

  • Online reporting

Connect the 1C-Reporting service for quick and easy reporting via the Internet. Submit reports to the Federal Tax Service, the FIU, FSS, Rosstat, Rosalkogolregulirovanie directly from the application without switching to other programs. The key of the electronic signature can be stored directly in the "cloud".

  • Free trial period - 30 days
  • Data security

Reliability servers. Your data is stored in a modern data center, and to transmit information over the Internet using a secure protocol HTTPS, providing strong data encryption.

Data confidentiality. Your information is available only to you or to those users to whom you yourself grant the relevant rights.

Data integrity A full backup of all user data is regularly carried out, however, you yourself can at any time save a personal copy of your information database to your local computer.

Basic questions and answers on work in the service


With the cost of 1C: Fresh service (1C: Enterprise via the Internet) for users you can find on the tariffs page.

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Pskov, Metallistov, 25, 7th floor