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Return of receivables

The emergence of receivables - a problem faced by almost all companies.

In practice, the agreements on payment for goods or services are not always followed by customers. This may be due to the deterioration of the financial position of the debtor, illiterate execution of the transaction, or irresponsible attitude of the client to the issues of payment.

It is important not to delay the resolution of this issue and take up debt recovery as early as possible.

We remind you that, as a general rule, the limitation period is three years.

You can “fight” with receivables yourself, spend time searching for information, writing claim letters, statements of claim and necessary documents for a legal process. Given the lack of experience, this can take enough time. Or contact our specialists who have experience in judicial practice in debt collection since 2008.

Please note that in the event of a dispute being resolved in the Arbitration Court, all costs for representative services (at any stage) are collected by the court from the debtor (clause 2 of Article 110 of the APC RF), with the exception of the writ proceedings.

Our experts will conduct a free preliminary analysis of documents for the return of receivables, assess the degree of validity of the requirements, the prospect of debt collection and the need to prepare additional documents.

The standard scheme of work on the return of receivables:

1. Pre-trial settlement of a dispute

Often the claim letter is able to resolve the dispute, not bringing the case to court. If it is impossible to settle the dispute, the claim is the first step towards resolving the dispute through the Arbitration Court.

If the term is not specified in the Agreement, in accordance with the Code of Administrative Procedure Code of the Russian Federation, the period of response to the letter of claim and the repayment of the debt is 30 calendar days from the date of sending the letter to the debtor.

2. Drawing up a claim for debt collection:

It includes drawing up the claim itself, the calculation of the amount of the claims, taking into account the contractual penalty, the preparation of a package of documents for appeal to the Arbitration Court, the calculation of state duty.

3. Representation in the Arbitration Court of First Instance

Includes drafting and sending to the Arbitration Court the necessary statements, petitions, comments and explanations, attendance at meetings.

4. Submission of the writ of execution to the debtor’s bank or the bailiff service

We also file complaints to the Prosecutor’s Office, including violations of the Federal Law of 05.04.2013 No. 44-FZ

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Pskov, Metallistov, 25, 7th floor