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Academy of professional
information technology

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Pskov, Metallistov, 25, 7th floor

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1C Support (ITS)

1C:ITS – a single contract to receive the services by users of "1C:Enterprise"
Information technology support (1C:ITS) is a comprehensive support that the firm "1C" in conjunction with partners provides support to users of programs "1C:Enterprise".
The volume of services that a person receives as well as the list of available partitions the information system 1C:its determined by the level of agreement of its (Techno or PROF). 
Read more about what is included in 1C:ITS will tell you, our employee. 

The most user-friendly is the service contract 1C:its PROF level.
Signing a contract 1C:its TRAC, each user of 1C will receive:
• confidence in the legality of the received updates of software products "1C";
• the ability to use all the knowledge and experience of specialists and experts of the company "1C" in the field of accounting, tax, personnel records;
• materials for effective work in 1C with a maximum use of the powerful functionality inherent in the system "1C:Enterprise";
• information about the legislative changes and their reflection in 1C;
• advice from leading experts, auditors, trainers and developers of the company "1C";
• expert help partners "1C" in the install, upgrade and connection of all information resources of the firm "1C";
• access to the lectures held by the Methodists 1C;
• ability with one click to send reports directly from the program 1C;
• functionality for the exchange of electronic documents directly in 1C;
• safe and reliable access to the applications on the platform "1C:Enterprise" from anywhere in the world;
• the ability to instantly access necessary specialist supports the company to obtain technical support, consultation and training;
• the ability to protect the database from 1C emergency situations on remote servers in the "cloud" storage.
Prices and terms agreement (subject to continuous subscription)
Type of contract and its price for you!
for 1 month. for 3 months. for 6 months. 12 months.
ITS PROF 9636 4818 18600 35592
Its Budget PROF 9636 4818 18600 35592
Its Construction 13233 25512 48984
Its Medicine 20406 39168
ITS TECHNO 7854 15036
ITS BUDGET 8916 17112

Services provided by partners of "1C"
the contract
TECHNO contract
Shipping included on the user's workstation, if contract support is not installed other terms
(the operation of the program under standard conditions, see below)

Platform updates and standard configurations of "1C:Enterprise", diagnostics of a condition of the information base, to create a backup 
(the operation of the program under standard conditions, see below)

Install DVD-version of its PROF, configuring and testing access to the online version of its Portal and 1C:ETS, training in their use

Group and individual (corporate) or remote training for working with the information system, its 
Monthly familiarization of users with new materials of its PROF 
Setup, monthly health checks and training in the use of Internet services: "Ask a question on line consultation 1C", "Ask the auditor" "to Ask a question about personnel records" 
Familiarize yourself with the services 1C-accounting, 1C-EDO (including 1C-Taxcom), 1C:link and paperwork to connect. 
Line consultation partner by phone or email 
to 10 minutes 
to 20 minutes
Collection of Advisory materials on the request of the user from the information system of its PROF 
Terms of use of the software "1C:Enterprise"
1. Use the standard configuration "1C:Enterprise".
2. Travel time from office partner to the office of the user on public transport does not exceed one hour.
3. Work on updating and maintenance of "1C:Enterprise" are made for one software product, for a single information database on one workstation of the user.
4. The time spent on the carrying out of works does not exceed one hour.

Read more about 1C:its you tell our staff by phone 201-200.

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Pskov, Metallistov, 25, 7th floor