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Since 2004 our company is an official partner of group of companies "Grand" is engaged in the development and implementation of cost estimate software.
Grand-Smeta software complex for preparation and validation of cost estimation and drafting certificates of completion for various forms of reference.
In the complex there are various base, developed on the basis of the approved by Gosstroy of Russia and other structures standards and price tags. The software package allows you to fully automate the work associated with the issuance of design and estimate documentation for all types of work.
Main advantages
The program is simple and straightforward. It was developed on the basis of large construction management to automate its budgeting Department with the direct participation of specialists working there. Therefore, the construction of the program to the maximum extent corresponds to the order of the daily work of the estimator, a simple and effective tool to perform common tasks. To date, the program successfully employs about 60 000 quantity surveyors in 83 regions of the Russian Federation.
If the application is made more in accordance with the requirements of a specific customer, i.e. we strive to ensure that ultimately the customer received the product that it was completely satisfied. In addition, the regulatory framework of the program additionally introduces the missing collections (sectoral, specialized, etc.).
Normative database of the program contains all the information from SNiP - the technical part of collections, the composition of the works at the rates, standards of consumption of material resources, etc.
The regulatory framework is aligned with the particular region - binding rates to the cost of local materials, putting the price tag of the zonal estimate prices for local materials, piece directories, etc.

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Pskov, Metallistov, 25, 7th floor