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Academy of professional
information technology

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Pskov, Metallistov, 25, 7th floor

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Accounting. Professionally. Just. Inexpensive.
Pay only for the actually provided volume of services.
Not spent on buying the software and the organization of the workplace accountant.
The quality and safety of data is guaranteed by the certification 1C.
"1C:Buhalteriniu" is the network of partners of "1C" company, providing accounting, tax and human resources services to small businesses to the same standard, developed by "1C".
In the context of the service "1C:Buhalteriniu" we provide the following services:
access to 1C:Enterprise 8 on a remote server
accounting and tax accounting
personnel records
compilation and submission of reports electronically
the formation and storage of archive client credential
advising on accounting and taxation
courier service for receipt/transmission of documents of the client under the contract
This service incorporates all the benefits of accounting outsourcing, adding that software and quality 1C. Today on "1C:Buhalteriniu" - the country's only service in the field of accounting, working in accordance with uniform standards throughout the territory of the Russian Federation.
Our company can fully perform all functions of accounting up to the execution of Bank payments and providing source documents to contractors.
The advantage to remote bookkeeping is that:
you do not need to equip an individual work place accountant
our services cost significantly less than the salary of a good accountant
at any time you can get any information, get advice
you don't need to buy expensive programs for accounting and law program
there are no costs for the qualification of chief accountant
access to accounts from mobile device
we are responsible for the preparation and submission of reports

Oksana Pavlova
Skype: monro19822
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Pskov, Metallistov, 25, 7th floor