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Academy of professional
information technology

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Pskov, Metallistov, 25, 7th floor

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On may 3, 2017, Academy Prof-it budget was officially granted the status of 1C:Real automation Center as the first And only Company in Pskov!

Cherished icon in the form of a boar honored those partners of the 1C company, who do not just sell boxes of "1C" with books, subscription its and updates, and who possess the necessary knowledge and experience to:

 identify areas of activity of the client's company that really need automation; 
competently and accurately define automation tasks and describe business processes;
offer and implement the best solution to meet the business needs of the enterprise and improve its efficiency.
Specialists of our company have been trained and certified according to the technology developed by 1C and will help, using THE advantages of 1C:Enterprise platform, to improve the efficiency of your company's business processes.

What is Real automation?

1C company introduced the status of "real automation Center" to help with the choice of a partner for those customers who are aware of the need for automation, but do not have a clear idea of what exactly needs to be automated.

Often, effective business requires automation of "narrow", individual processes of the company. For example, you need to set up a special accounting of storage units or take into account the non-standard dimensions of the goods or the owner it is important to receive Analytics on the company in a certain context, there may be many examples.

Automation of the main processes of the company helps to reduce the number of routine operations, improves transparency and efficiency. Using customized subtasks of your business, you will be able to clearly organize the work of the company and analyze its work on important indicators for you, making informed decisions.

If you were thinking about the need for automation, but do not know where to start, write or call us. Phone (8112) 201-200, e-mail: helpdesk@prof-it.ru 1c@prof-it.ru


Examples of actual automation

Automation of the center of wholesale and retail trade PROFARMY Moscow

Automation company "Tsentr-SERVIS»


About us

Our company was founded in 1998, we are a partner of 1C:Franchisee and one of the largest and most well respected suppliers of maintenance services and modification of software products "1C" on the territory of Pskov and Pskov region. Currently, thanks to modern technology, we also work with clients from St. Petersburg and Moscow. Our company is engaged in implementation of "1C" in different sectors:

• production,

• wholesale and retail trade,

• trade of alcohol,

• budget institutions,

• car dealerships and service stations,

• construction companies,

• hotels,

• catering,

• in other sectors

A large staff of certified professionals and years of experience allows us to use our own work previously introduced solutions to enterprises in the same industrial sector. For each client we always offer the optimal solution taking into account the specifics of its activities and challenges. Our company has the status of

• 1C: Franchisee

• 1C:Center for Real automation

• Regional center of competence for reporting

• Competence center of 1C for 54-FZ

If Your company has a need for automation, but You don't have a clear idea of exactly what to automate, we can help:

1. identify areas of activity of the company, who are really in need of automation;

2. competently and clearly define the objectives of automation and describe business processes;

3. propose and implement optimum

Roman Khaleev
Skype: haleevra
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Pskov, Metallistov, 25, 7th floor